SonaJin is the next-generation coin designed to fix the problems associated with most major cryptocurrencies that may soon threaten the entire ecosystem.  SonaJin solves many problems including today's primary issues which are slow transactions making most crypto impossible to use in place of traditional banking, security issues, ease of use, low transaction fees and much more.

The very thing decentralized cryptocurrencies were designed to do is now very much in question due to regulation, lack of planning and technological limits and incapability including immiment centralization.

SonaJin has been designed as a hybrid, proprietary protocol based on Open Source wallets.  We disagree that mining should be a continued process or that the public should be able to run their own nodes.  The reasoning behind this is noble and sounds great but leads to an end-game that is contrary to the original goal of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Mining is supposed to secure the network and ensure the control of the network isn't centralized to players such as large government or corporate. However, more than ever with increasing difficulty that is exactly what is happening, no small miner or player can compete with well-funded mining farms.  Conversely, small players will not be able to run their own nodes on the blockchain for long as the memory, CPU and HDD requirements increase with the block-size and block-chain size.  Mining and public nodes are essentially a guaranteed way to ensure centralization in the future and this is even stated by Ethereum's current white paper.  On top of that many governments are beginning to outlaw mining because of the incredible power that is being wasted and consumed when in fact mining doesn't really achieve what it was supposed to.

For example by allowing mining and public nodes a lot of assumptions have been made by developers of currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum that there is a "disincentive to attack the network by broadcasting false transactions".  Today with large organizations including banks and governments, literally threatening most cryptocurrency they have both the means and incentive to do just that.  Spending millions is nothing for such organizations if it means shutting down a competitor.

Sonajin recognizes what has worked and what is not working and will be the coin to resolve and improve upon these challenge and opportunities.