The Better Coin

Sonajin is a new decentralized community core coin- the first of its kind. It’s a privacy coin. A secure coin. An affordable coin. A user friendly coin. All in one. It aims to eliminate most of the issues that plague cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, all ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin and even Monero. There are many coins that have come out, many coins fix a problem but usually still have gaping holes in their security. Not Sonajin. With Sonajin, cryptocurrency can now enter the mainstream with real-time transactions and trade, transaction notifications, be secure and safe, be affordable, stable and easy to use, all in one innovative new cryptocurrency by the Sonajin Team.


Sonajin is the Faster Coin. With current cryptocurrencies, when you do a transaction, you may wait for hours to get confirmation. You also have to maintain your wallet by syncing the entire blockchain- this could take hours to days. Sonajin has no public blockchain. Which means your transactions aren’t open for the public to view nor will they have to confirm your transactions. This all translates to a faster cryptocurrency that’s efficient, using a hybrid blockchain that doesn’t rely on the whole public or inefficient mining to process transactions. Sonajin is one of the fastest coins to ever hit the cryptocurrency market.

More Secure

Sonajin is the Secure Coin. It takes only 2 people to confirm a transaction- you and the receiver. No need for multiple random strangers to confirm it for you. It’s virtually impossible to hard fork Sonajin and you can’t lose money by sending to a non-existent address. You will get email confirmations from our core network, and virtually impossible to exploit. Sonajin is not a permissionless public blockchain.

Easy To Use

SonaJin Makes Crypto Mainstream

SonaJin resolves all the issues with cryptocurrencies while adding new, innovative and common sense features. Sonajin allows you to transfer funds by e-mail, includes a feedback/rating system, e-mail notification of all transactions and more.